BLU BIJOU Herbal Tea

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BLU BIJOU Herbal Tea

BLU BIJOU is excited to offer this potent and flavourful psychedelic tea! We have combined tea bases sourced from one of Canada’s highest quality tea providers with our legendary Blue Goba mushrooms, to create a true high tea experience.

BLU BIJOU Herbal tea is made exclusively with the Blue Goba Golden Teacher mushrooms. Golden Teacher is one of the oldest, and one of the most well-known magic mushroom strains, and in fact is so well known that the name “Golden Teacher” has become almost ubiquitous with “Magic Mushrooms”. It’s shining golden-yellow caps, and the wise teachings that often result from its consumption give this strain it’s rightful name.

Golden Teacher was first taxonomically classified in the late 1980’s. For more than 30 years this magic mushroom variety has been revered by experienced Psychonauts & beginners alike, for its ability to consistently elicit meaningful, insightful, and often transformative experiences, along with the visual stimulation and intense feelings of euphoria/connectedness that are expected from consuming Psilocybin mushrooms.


COOL BLU MINT – Fragrant and uplifting, with strong and fresh minty tones. Mint is good for the digestive system. It is soothing and helps with skin irritations and detoxification.

SUPER BLU LAVENDER – Relaxing and reflective, with floral notes and a slight minty aftertaste. Lavender contains numerous antioxidants and has been shown to reduce anxiety.


Pour 1 cup boiling water over the tea bag and let steep for 15-20 minutes. Serve clear or with honey. Drink tea and wait 20-30 minutes for the magic to begin.


Each package of BLU BIJOU Herbal tea contains 1 gram of Golden Teacher Cubensis, grown by Blue Goba.

This strain has been potency tested and results show that it is between 2-3 times more potent than the “average” psilocybe cubensis mushroom


Mint Leaves, Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher

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4 reviews for BLU BIJOU Herbal Tea

  1. Corl P.. 🇺🇸

    Shed my old self and became renewed
    I got the Lavender – nice tasting tea first of all! Very intense trip that renewed me totally! Closed eye visuals that would change with the music I was listening to, so beautiful. I felt the sense of ancient wisdoms and a sense of connection which it feels like many of us humans today have fell out of touch with – entering into that space was certainly mind altering, I felt incredibly lifted. Coming up from the trip, I couldn’t stop smiling. I felt the strongest love for being alive and so much gratitude. This trip was much more intense than other 1g trips I have had, but for my most intense trip to date, this did not disappoint 🙂 I felt like I shedded my old skin and came into a much more beautiful self after this experience. THANK MAGICMUSHROOMDISPENSARY.US!!! You’ll forever be the SITE.

  2. Scoopy N 🇨🇦

    Amazing experience!
    As a novice user, I found this to be a very potent tea!! No complaints – it was an amazing experience. (Be careful you don’t steep the Lavender for longer than the directions state – it’s a very harsh flavor when steeped for too long.)

  3. Dav B 🇺🇸

    The perfect add on
    A nice little add on to orders. I’m excited to try out the Super Blu Lavender.

  4. Brandon K 🇺🇸

    Nothing compares to anything blue goba has in there closet. Everything is the best of the best

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