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Makilla Gorilla (Psilocybe Cubensis)
Origins: Makilla Gorilla is a hybrid of DC Melmak and Albino Penis Envy (APE), both of those on their own are legendary cultivars, but making a hybrid between the two makes for a mushroom that is truly mind blowing! The story of Makilla Gorilla starts way back in the 70s. Although this strain is new, its lineage certainly isn’t.
Characteristics: When fresh, the fruiting bodies of this strain grow incredibly tall and thick. While regular PE strains have a small cap, Makilla Gorilla caps spread wide. Often, the edges of the cap can appear pleated or wavy. Interestingly, this strain doesn’t inherit the albino qualities of the parent APE strain. Instead, the color of the caps is typically a light brown to golden color
Potency and Effects: Makilla Gorilla is part of a new generation of magic mushrooms. By that, we mean these shrooms are like nothing you’ve ever tried. They’re potent and have mind-blowing effects that feel like they’re in a class of their own. Users report insane uplifting effects and spiritual experiences, with powerful visuals and a nice body high. This is a strain that isn’t for the faint of heart. They’re super potent, so you need to take it easy when using them recreationally.

Spores intended for microscopy, taxonomy and novelty purposes only. Informational and educational reference only and originate from cultivators and labs outside the US. Cultivation of this species is illegal in many countries including the United States. Please check your local regulations.

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Agar Research Culture, Liquid Isolation, Spore Swabs


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