Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms

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Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms

Penis Envy Mushrooms are for people who are looking to have a full psychedelic experience. It is a very potent mutation of a Psilocybe Cubensis variety, possibly Amazon Cubensis, that is rumoured to be engineered by the famous entheogenic mycologist/enthobotanist Terence McKenna.

<p “=””>Pe is often reported to be the strongest of the Psilocybe Cubensis varieties. Our Pe genetic has been tested with High Performance Liquid Chromatography and found to have an average tryptamine content of 2.115%. We have also tested this variety using the PSILO-Q Test kit, the first ever home-use quantitative psilocybin testing kit. Results show that this variety contains over 2% tryptamine content. By comparison, the average Psilocybe Cubensis mushroom contains between 0.6 and 0.8% tryptamine content.

Visual characteristics of these mushrooms consist of large dense stalks with an underdeveloped pale cap, somewhat resembling a phallic object. PE mushrooms drop very few spores and therefore are difficult to propagate. This, along with increased potency makes them a rare and desirable strain.

<p “=””>Users often report vivid, intense visual stimulation, profound feelings of euphoria, and deep introspection or philosophical ideations.<p “=””>


7 grams – $79.00

14 grams – $134.00

28 grams – $229.00

<p “=””>
<p “=””>Dosage:

Mild Experience: 0.5 Grams to 1 Gram

Medium Experience: 1.5 Grams to 2 Grams

Full Experience: 2 Grams to 2.5 Grams

We also recommend that you do not mix our products with alcohol, as it dulls the experience.

<p “=””>We recommend starting at the medium experience level if you have not tried the Penis Envy mushroom variety before, as the visuals can be quite intense and sometimes are hard to handle for inexperienced users. Set and setting are extremely important for a positive experience. We also highly encourage people to have a guide or sitter if they are new to psychedelics.

How to prepare for your trip

*Note: psychedelics are non-specific amplifiers and may not be suitable for those with anxiety conditions. Antidepressants will nullify the effects of psychedelics.

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7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams (1oz)

9 reviews for Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms

  1. David L 🇺🇸

    Penis Envy
    excellent mushrooms and great customer service. These might be the best Penis Envy ive ever had

  2. DJ 🇺🇸

    Penis Envy
    Thanks for the quick shipment. The PE mushrooms are definitely stronger than the ones I grow. At first I was swallowing the blotter but what a difference under the tongue so we’re good there too.

  3. Ivo J 🇺🇸

    Penis Envy
    Cant say enough good about this company, love the message, TOP quality product and some amazing customer service. I am forever grateful to have found this great team. I have tried other companies before but nothing compares to the product here. Purchased their penis envy strain and was blown away by how beautiful the specimen was and how potent they were. Had a life changing trip on 6g of these mushrooms, I am definitely a lifelong costumer after that. MAGICMUSHROOMDISPENSARY.US, you have made my life MAGICAL!

  4. Isaac P 🇺🇸

    Penis Envy
    Took their Penis Envy mushrooms with some friends on a beautiful lake. I took about 2 grams and connected with nature on a level like never before. Cannot recommend enough

  5. Rosemary M 🇺🇸

    Penis Envy
    I ordered Peis envy strain back at New Years to have a solo trip. Cant rave enough. Penis envy is also good to microdose for skiing.

  6. Yizzy W 🇬🇧

    Penis Envy
    BlueGoba is the best seriously! Orderded 14g of pe and 14 g of white rabbit and got 15.7g of pe and 16.3g of White rabbit and its not the first time they give a lil extra either. 🙂 Super happy with them they truly are the best Shroom online dispensary in Canada in my opinion! Hands Down! Thx MMDUS

  7. Dan J 🇺🇸

    Penis Envy
    Penis Envy – Very potent, I found them great for laying down and closing my eyes to meditate for awhile. Will definitely buy again.

  8. Terence g

    Penis Envy
    I gifted a friend some PE shrooms from MAGICMUSHROOMDISPENSARY.US and he said it was one of the most transformative experience of his life. I’m so happy to have been able to introduce others to the experience. I’m currently only using GT microdose. It’s great to have a trusted source for dried shrooms and microdose. Placing my next order shortly to share with other friends.

  9. Test C

    Penis Envy
    I ordered 7g PE, 7g GT and the microdose lsd bottle. The shrooms were great and precisely what I ordered and were more potent than what I was used to getting from another website. The LSD on the other hand, hmmm it was it great. It gave a horrible headache and neck pain that lasted for days after i took the recommended beginners dose. I’ve red online this usually happens when it’s not pure LSD but I didn’t test so I’m not saying it. Also, neck and jaw tension are pretty common side affects of LSD that a lot of people seem to experience regardless of the quality of it so maybe it was just me? Nevertheless, I still have a full bottle after giving it a try 2 times and won’t be using it ever again. The discomfort i got from it wasn’t worth it

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