Culture Shrooms Myco Boost Max Yield Nutrient Mix For Mushrooms


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Elevate your mushroom cultivation game with Culture Shrooms Max Yield Mushroom Fertilizer – a premium nutrient mix meticulously crafted to unlock the utmost potential of your mushroom growth. Specially formulated as a nutrient additive for substrates and soils, this powerhouse product is designed to optimize yields and foster robust fungal development, setting the stage for a remarkable harvest.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Nutrient Boost: Culture Shrooms Max Yield infuses your growing medium with a potent blend of organic Crabshell and Oystershell, delivering essential minerals and trace elements that mushrooms crave for vigorous mycelial growth and prolific fruiting.

  • Complete Nutritional Spectrum: This nutrient mix is enriched with Langbeinite, a natural source of potassium, magnesium, and sulfur, ensuring a well-rounded nutrient profile that supports various stages of mushroom development.

  • Performance-Driven Additives: The inclusion of Peptones and Tryptophan serves as a catalyst for accelerated metabolic activity within the mycelium, promoting robust colonization and efficient nutrient absorption.

  • Nature’s Booster: Harnessing the power of Insect Frass, this fertilizer taps into nature’s intricate cycle by introducing valuable organic matter that enriches the soil structure and provides a gentle, sustainable source of nutrients.

  • Application Made Easy: Achieve optimal results effortlessly by adding just 1 tablespoon of Culture Shrooms Max Yield Mushroom Fertilizer to every 5 pounds of substrate. Its precise formulation ensures consistent and controlled nutrient dispersion.

  • Pasteurized-Sterilized Confidence: With a pasteurized-sterilized formulation, you can trust that your mushroom cultivation endeavors will be safeguarded against unwanted contaminants, allowing your fungi to flourish without hindrance.

Please note: While Culture Shrooms Max Yield Mushroom Fertilizer is a potent enhancer for mushroom growth, it is not intended for edible consumption. This product is exclusively designed to fuel your mushroom cultivation efforts, enabling you to achieve exceptional yields and vibrant, healthy fungi. Unleash the full potential of your mushrooms with Culture Shrooms Max Yield Mushroom Fertilizer – a trusted partner in your journey toward a thriving mushroom harvest.

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11.5 oz jar, 5lb Bucket


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